The Pebble Champion

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"In this life-affirming novel, A.D. Pritchard captures the social, emotional and sexual insecurities of a gay teenager with a fresh voice that avoids sensationalism and stereotypes.


Haunted by the death of his mother and the loss of a childhood friendship, 15-year-old Chris moves to the Isle of Wight to begin a new life with his estranged father.


There, alone on the beach, he deals with his grief and guilt by entering an imagined world where he competes to become The Pebble Champion, skimming stones farther than anyone else across the surface of the sea.


With each pebble thrown, and with each new encounter, Chris gradually learns how to let go of the burdens of the past, how to hold on to what really matters, and how to embrace his bewildering desires.


This is a coming of age novel for young adults about a teenage boy's journey to self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life."

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Gay coming of age; books for gay teenagers




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Window Spit

ISBN 5800120936402

Window Spit is my second poetry collection. My new volume explores the poet as observer, who spits at the world through rhyme, making critical – and often very acerbic – comments about society, media, social media, politics, religion and modern affairs.


Using poetry to justify withdrawing away from people, he soon discovers no solace in verse, as it becomes increasingly difficult to define his role as a poet, to articulate his purpose in life, and to connect meaningfully with a world that he has spent so much time spitting at.

Advancing Backwards by A.D. Pritchard
Advancing Backwards

ISBN 9781447805687

This is a collection of poems written when I was perched on the edge of turning 40 and looking backwards at my life in order to make sense of where I am going next.


Each poem describes a particular moment in my life, but there is no central character and the moments are not presented chronologically.


Instead, like the tangents that memory takes, each poem represents a fragment of time, and this collection, the jigsaw picture that is created once the fragments are re-arranged.


Many of my poems have  been turned into narrated videos with visual and soundtracks, as featured on my YouTube poetry channel, and on this website.

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Cast 5m 2f

Duration One Act

Type Youth Play


Kurt, Brendan, Spike and T.J. break into their school very early one morning to steal exam papers. Brendan, however, locks the others in a store-room, and disappears.


Trapped, the boys soon discover that their usual defence-mechanisms are useless, and have to find a way of dealing with the very real prospect of being caught red-handed.


First performed:

Wynberg Boys' High School One Act Play Festival, Cape Town, 1994

Plumstead High School Music, Art and Drama Festival, 1994

Read the play online for free here.





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