From the collections "Window Spit" and "Advancing Backwards'
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Window Spit is my new poetry collection, written 10 years after my first collection. It deals with the poet as observer, spitting at events in the world. Here are some of the video poems from that collection. Visit the YouTube Channel for more.


Advancing Backwards is a poetry collection with poems about a man who, nearing forty, and trying to understand how best to move forward, looks back upon his life and captures key moments as poems. There is a YouTube Channel with more of the video poems from this collection, but here are the my choices for this site.

SEISMIC - a poem about the effect of a seemingly throwaway comment

THE LETTING GO - a poem about a poem talking back to the poet.

MARRIED TO SHERLOCK - a poem about an overly needy partner

NEITHER WILL TOMORROW - a poem about dealing with death - again

CONSEQUENCE - a poem about why things happen

PAYBACK TIME - a poem about running out of luck

SLAP IN THE FACE - a poem about protecting your heart against love

MISSING YOU - a poem about longing

MEMBERS ONLY - a poem about pain being a relative concept

STILL WATERS - a poem about dating someone younger

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