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“Invigorating, challenging, rewarding.”

-Self-Publishing Review

FINALIST: Best Poetry, Eyelands International Book Awards, Athens, 2019
FINALIST: Best Poetry Book, Miracle Makers Intl. Writers’ Festival, Las Vegas, 2021


" Some rhymes are quite sweet, others very sad but thoughtful, and yet others are laced with acid and arsenic..”

Ashley Tetzlaff, Readers’ Favorite

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Beware the poet who spits in your eye.”

Window Spit is the new poetry collection by writer Alan David Pritchard, whose previous collection, Advancing Backwards, featured poems published in various magazines, websites and anthologies worldwide.


His new volume explores the poet as observer, who spits at the world through rhyme, making critical – and often very acerbic – comments about society, media, social media, politics, religion and modern affairs.


Using poetry to justify withdrawing away from people, he soon discovers no solace in verse, as it becomes increasingly difficult to define his role as a poet, to articulate his purpose in life, and to connect meaningfully with a world that he has spent so much time spitting at.



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White Sheet

“This is a book the reader will not forget, as the poetry is truly provocative and captivating!”

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Deborah Lloyd, Reader’s Favorite

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