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"Rich with detail and many touches. 'One of Us' is a moralist's delight...

There's room for actors to really enjoy the experience."

Judge's Comment, Paperscreenplay, 2022

Concerned that they might not get the best grades for the upcoming examinations, four boys at a  boarding school decide to break into the storeroom where their exam papers are held. ​Then one of the boys locks the other three in, and leaves.

​Betrayed and knowing they will get caught red-handed, the three incarcerated boys must face their own demons as well as their problems with each other.

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‘One of Us’ is the screenplay adaptation of ‘Red-Handed’.


WINNER (Best First-Time Writer - Short Screenplay) at the Oxford Script Awards, UK, February, 2023

WINNER (Best Short Script + Best Dialogues) at the Travancore Intl Film Festival, India, July, 2023

WINNER (Best Short Screenplay of the Year), Rome Prisma International Film Festival,  July, 2022

WINNER (Best LGBT Screenplay) at the Cannes Film Awards, France, July, 2022

WINNER (Best Screenplay) at the Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition, November, 2022.

NOMINEE/ FINALIST (Best Short Screenplay) at the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, London, December, 2023

FINALIST, (Best Screenplay) at the Paris Screenplay Awards, Paris, France, 2023

NOMINEE (Best Screenplay) at the  Miracle Makers Intl Fillm Festival, Hollywood, USA, 2023

NOMINEE (Best Technique) at the Paperscreenplay Awards, London, August, 2022

FINALIST (Drama Screenplay Short) at the Red Flight Pictures Screenplay Awards, Philadelphia, USA, December, 2022


HONORABLE MENTION (Best Short Screenplay) at the Bowery Film Festival, New York, November, 2022

 HONORABLE MENTION (Best Original Script)  Athens International Monthly Art Films Festival, Greece, September, 2022

DRAGON LIST (Screenplay of Outstanding Qualityat the International Film Festival of Wales, November, 2022

SEMI-FINALIST, (Short Film Scripts) at the Cinequest Screenwriting Competition, California, USA, 2024

SEMI-FINALIST (Best Short Screenplay) at the Santa Barbara Intl Screenplay Awards, California, USA, May, 2022

SEMI-FINALIST (Best Short Screenplay) at the New York International Screenplay Awards, New York, USA, April, 2022

QUARTER-FINALIST, Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards, Los Angeles, August, 2022

QUARTER-FINALIST, New York Metropolitan Screenwriting Competition, New York, November, 2022.

OFFICIAL SELECTION (Best Short Screenplay) at the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards, April, 2022

OFFICIAL SELECTION  at the Amsterdam Freedom Film Festival, August, 2022

OFFICIAL SELECTION  at the New York Script Awards, August, 2022

OFFICIAL SELECTION  at the Maverick Movie Awards, London, UK, December, 2022

OFFICIAL SELECTION at the Berlin Intl Screenwriting Festival, Germany, 2023

OFFICIAL SELECTION at the Screenwriter's Launchpad Series, Pinewood Studios, UK, 2023



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White Sheet

"A fast-paced, boiling pot
of a one-act play."

"The curtain coming down sends an immediate message that you have just seen something profound."

Dtraslerwriting, LazyBee Scripts Appraisal

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Self-Publishing Review

WINNER: Best Stage Play Script, London, 2021
WINNER: Best Stage Play, Miracle Makers Intl. Film Festival, Las Vegas, 2021
WINNER: Best Stage Play Script, 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival, Bali, 2021

White Sheet

“Pritchard vividly stages the play with inventive demonstrations of flashbacks and a minimal use of props.”

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Self-Publishing Review

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