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' The Chosen Few' 

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Official Selection

9th International Video Poetry Festival, 2021


Alan David Pritchard The Pebble Champion

Glowing review for my novel

The Pebble Champion

from SPR.

'A stirring tale of sadness and self-discovery.' 

Read the review here.

The Pebble Champion by Alan David Pritchard



The Pebble Champion, was published (under the name A.D. Pritchard)

by Wilkinson House in July 2013.


I am delighted to announce that my novel The Pebble Champion

is now an award-winning book, having won the Finalist Award

at the 2019 Reader's Favorite International Book Awards in the LGTBQ Category.

It was also featured in the Winners' Booth at the Miami International Book Fair 2019.

"A young man tries to find peace while navigating the troubled waters of trauma and self-discovery in

The Pebble Champion by A.D. Pritchard. Stories about life-changing events are often compelling and relatable, as trauma and loss are universal for readers, and this coming-of-age story is no different. Laced with vivid snatches of flashback and memory, this emotionally charged novel is raw and vulnerable, but also told with the confidence of a skilled storyteller. From self-healing and grieving to sexual awakening and emotional growth, this novel fearlessly tackles delicate subjects with tenderness and valuable insight." 

Self-Publishing Review ★★★★½


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Alan David Pritchard Film Festival Selection
Alan David Pritchard Window Spit



'Window Spit'' ​is my second poetry collection published by Demented Poet Press in 2017. 

My new volume explores the poet as observer, who spits at the world through rhyme, making critical –

and often very acerbic – comments about society, media, social media, politics, religion and modern affairs.

 "Window Spit" = Finalist in the 2019 Eyelands International Book Awards

"The Chosen Few" = Selected for screening at the 9th International Poetry Festival, Athens, 2021.

"Seismic" = Selected for screening at the Penzance Literary Festival, July 2020.

"Seismic" = Selected for screening at the NewlynPZ International Film Festival in April 2020.

"The Letting Go" = Selected for screening, 2020 Cadence Video Poetry Festival, Seattle, April 2020.


"​I have to admit that Window Spit is my sort of poetry; direct, unflinching, in your face, but most of all, honest. The language is down-to-earth and Alan David Pritchard has avoided abstract imagery and oblique metaphors, presenting us with an accessible, thought-provoking, hard-hitting collection of which he can be justifiably proud. I encourage you to read Window Spit - there are some sparkling gems in there and you will not be disappointed."

Readers' Favorite Review ★★★★★

Read all reviews here.



'Advancing Backwards' ​is my first poetry collection published by Demented Poet Press in 2011.


Most of the poems in this collection were featured in magazines, anthologies and websites around the world. ​In 2005, I was made Poet of the Month by the then London Poet's Letter Society, and I was invited to read at the Poets' Cafe in Covent Garden.


​ 'Like So' = an official selection at the 2013 Visible Verse Festival in Vancouver, Canada.

Watch the video here.


One of my poems, 'Consequence',  was selected as the soundtrack for a student choreography assignment at Western Kentucky University.

Watch the video here.

One-act plays for schools and festivals
One-act plays for schools and festivals
One-act plays for schools and festivals
One-act plays for schools and festivals



Published by LazyBeeScripts UK, 2018

Semi-Finalist, Best Stage Play Script,

Script and Storyboard Showcase International Competition, Los Angeles, 2021

Four boys sneak into the storage area where the exam papers are filed, but one boy betrays the others and locks them in. The three incarcerated boys must face their own demons as well as their problems with each other.

Read the appraisal here.


My plays, Round Here, Torn Jeans and Genius were published by New Theatre Publications in 1999. Each had won festivals at schools in Cape Town in 1993, 1994 and 1995.

In addition, 'Genius' won the Young Farmer's Club Regional One Act Play Festival in Wales.

It was later performed at the Brecon Theatre in 2000.

Thirteen years later, it was again staged in Wales, this time at the Theatr Hafren in Newtown.

New Theatre Publications has closed down to the sad passing of the owner, so I am presently seeking another publisher for each of these works.

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