I was born and raised in  Cape Town, South Africa. After completing military service, I began teaching Secondary Afrikaans at a private school and then English at a secondary government school, where I wrote and produced my first 3 plays.
I moved to England in 1996, and found a publisher for my plays. I was a primary school teacher for 6 years, during which time I wrote my novel, 'The Pebble Champion'. It took me 13 years to find a publisher for this work. Shortly after moving to the Isle of Wight, I began work on my first poetry collection, "Advancing Backwards", containing poems that had been published in magazines, anthologies and websites worldwide. Leaving the classroom to become a teacher trainer, public speaker and deliverer of study-skills workshops, I devoted my free time to writing teacher resources and creating poetry videos.
In 2012, I returned to full-time teaching, securing posts at international schools in Shanghai, where I presently reside (with my partner, 2 rabbits and 11 cats!).
After moving to China, I wrote my second collection of poetry "Window Spit' and the play "Red-Handed". I also created a number of new poetry videos and an IB Teacher resource brand called Contented Being.
I am presently working on a new play and a new novel.
Alan David Pritchard and his cats
Alan David Pritchard and his cats